Engineering Contract Consultancy

Within our company we have extensive contacts into the global vehicle engineering community. Our clients depend on us to provide the engineers with the extensive depth of experience they require in China and other locations. Most of our engineers have over twenty years experience in international vehicle and aerospace engineering. We also provide local Chinese engineers when required.

Examples of the various areas of vehicle engineering we can support are as follows:

  • Project Management and Team Leaders
  • Styling
  • “A” Class Surfacing
  • Packaging
  • Studio Engineering
  • Clay Modeling
  • Vehicle Structures (BIW)
  • Doors and Closures
  • Chassis (Dynamic and Static)
  • Powertrain
  • Instrument Panels
  • Interior Trim
  • Exterior Trim
  • Electric and Electronics
  • CAE
  • NVH
  • CAD (CATIA V5, UG NX, etc.)
  • Quality Engineers (SQA)
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Vehicle Launch Engineers

Design Development Engineering

We also support our clients with turnkey engineering projects done in our office or with dedicated project teams’ onsite at their facility.

These projects could be anything from the design and development of a significant subsystem (Instrument Panel, Fascia Assemblies, BIW Assemblies, etc) or lesser engineering tasks like drawing creation and continuous engineering that free up your engineering resource for incoming projects.

We have CAD licenses for CATIA V5 and UG NX and can deliver your project in any CAD format you require.

Please see below for a graphic overview of a typical in house turnkey project.

Example: Cockpit Style Instrument Panel – DES Turnkey Project for Customer

  • Section Feasibility
  • Early CAS Surface Development
  • Part Break Up
  • Early Typical Sections
  • Material Specifications
  • Manufacturing Method
  • Early BOM
  • Early Assembly Process

  • ‘A’ Class Surface
  • Gap And Flushness
  • ‘A’ Surface Quality Checking
  • ‘A’ Class Surface Manufacturing Analysis
  • Legal Requirements
  • Ergonomic Zones
  • Impact Zones
  • Defrost Zones
  • Air Vent Zones
  • Package Drawing
  • Kinematic Checks
  • Carryover Part Integration

  • Typical Section Update
  • CAD Part Modeling
  • CAD Drawing
  • DMU Parts
  • DMU Tools
  • Standard Part
  • Fixation And Location Plan
  • BOM
  • Assembly Process
  • GD & T Plan (With Customer)
  • Update CAD Models From Customer CAE and CFD Testing

  • Attend Prototype Build
  • Quality Checking of Prototype Parts
  • Prototype Issue Tracking
  • CAD Model Updates

  • Check First Off Tool Samples
  • Production Build Issue Tracking
  • Final CAD Model Updates
  • Final Drawing Updates
  • Final Engineering Document Updates

CAE Computer Aided Engineering or FEA (Finite Element Analysis) services are also on offer thru our company. This can be anything from the creation of the complex digital models required for analysis to a full service including model creation and analysis with engineering input for improvement throughout the refinement loops to achieve your targets.

Our CAE Services Include:

1) CAE Meshing-Modeling Services


  • Automotive Body Structures
  • Automotive Complex Models (Engine, Powertrain, etc.)
  • 3D Structure in Pent-/Hexa-Element Meshing.
  • Ready to Run (Analyze) Assembly Models:
  • NVH/Crash Calculation – Ready to Run
  • Complete BIW and Hang on Assemblies – Ready to Run
  • Instrument Panel Cockpits and Consoles – Ready to Run
  • Engine Packages – Ready to Run
  • Steering Models for NVH/Crash – Ready to Run
  • Non-Automotive Modeling Applications

2) Crash/NVH Calculations for Components, Assemblies or Complete Vehicles

  • Multiple Loops of Analysis to Suit Your Project
  • Engineering Support to Refine Design and Meet Targets

Business Administration Support

China can be a bewildering place when it comes to business administration related items such as payroll and recruitment. Based on our extensive knowledge of the most current applicable business related regulations here in China and our experience with our own companies day to day requirements many of our clients ask us to support in regards to payroll and recruitment consultancy.

1) Payroll Consultancy

  • Payroll and China Income Tax processing and payment consultancy
  • Maximize benefits to staff

2) Contract Engineering Staff

  • Foreign Expert Engineers
  • Local Chinese Engineers

3) Recruitment for Direct Hire

  • Identification and recruitment of correct candidates for your senior engineering direct hire positions

4) Contract to Permanent Staff (Try Before You Buy)

  • Minimize exposure to labor law impacts by failed probation periods
  • Initial trial period is as contract consultant
  • Once confidence is achieved move to direct hire